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      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Pioneer Models C-45 by Alacrán

1/72 Italeri F-5 Tiger III by Alacrán

1/72 RF-4E HAF by Alacran

1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B by Alacrán

1/72 Mastercraft SU-22M2 Fitter A by Alacran

1/72 Revell F-16 MLU M4 by Alacran

1/72 High Planes I.A.I. Dagger by Alacran

1/72 Revell P-47D-30 by Alacran

1/72 Italeri Sikorsky S-55C by Alacran

1/72 Mach 2 MD 200 Falcon by Alacrán

1/72 Dream Models AS-365 N2 by Alacrán

1/72 MPM Arado AR-95L by Alacrán

1/72 AZ Model MD-530 by Alacran

1/72 Airfix Cessna L-19 Bird Dog by Alacran

1/72 AZ Model Vultee BT-13 Valiant by Alacran

1/72 Art Model Su-25 UTG by Alacran

1/72 Italeri Vought F4U-5N by Alacran

1/72 Revell S2-A Tracker by Alacran

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