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Submitting Walkaround photos.

The ARC walkaround section is a free resource for modellers worldwide.  Modellers are very interested in detail.  Detail of specific interest to modellers would include cockpit photos, wheel well photos and close up shots of vents, flaps, slats as well as engine and gun bay photos and other detail rich areas of aircraft.

The photos MUST be your own photos.......this is must be the original photographer, so you own the copyright.  Any photos you send to ARC will have your name copyrighted onto the photo and you will continue to own the copyrights to your photos.  If you want to include a copyright notice on your photos, then add this text to your photos      Photo your name 2003   Do not place the copyright notice over any detail in the photo.  Usually Arial 14 font is the best for the copyright not use a font larger than 14. 

Please scan all photos at 150 DPI and try to make them 750 pixels wide for the widest side on the photo.  I  am also interested in photos of equipment that is used in the servicing of aircraft and could be used in a diorama setting would also be of interest.

Photos can be sent to me via e-mail in a ZIP file if you prefer.

Included below is info you can use to save me badly needed time to do some of the work yourself.  Any of the below work you don't do....don't worry...I will do it.  the more work you do means the more walkaround photos I can process and get up on ARC.  My time is limited to about 40 to 50 hours a week for ARC, which isn't enough to keep up with ARC.  I have a regular job and family etc to tend to as well as work on ARC.

Please give your photos the following file names  01.jpg   02.jpg   03.jpg   04.jpg etc etc.

Resize thumbnail images to 100 high and give them the file names   01t.jpg   02t.jpg   03t.jpg  etc  etc.  Notice there is a   t   in the thumbnail file names.

Reduce the file size by using a compression ratio of 15.

If you want to include NOT include them in the file names of the images,  instead add the descriptions to your e-mail that you send me.  For instance.... 

If possible arrange your photos in a walkaround sequence.  Photo   01.jpg   will be  a the photo of the nose of the aircraft...then the photos will be arranged in a sequence as if your walked counter clockwise around the aircraft.

For modellers that want to create their own HTML file from an ARC below for a basic Walkaround HTML template you can add your descriptions and images to.

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