1/48 Revell AH-1F Cobra : The Flying Bulls

Gallery Article by naioh2 – FC Saran S. on Apr 12 2021



There are some photos of my Revell 1/48 AH-1F Cobra “The Flying Bull”. AH-1F is the first US military combat helicopter that stand out in the mid sixties. The Flying Bulls AH-1F was US ARMY ex-helicopter with registration - N11FX . Her home base is Hangar-7 that locate at Salzburg Airport, Austria.  The Hangar-7 hosting a collection of historical aircraft, helicopters, F-1 racing cars and serving as home for The Flying Bulls. While the opposite side Hangar-8 is the name of the maintenance facility.

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This model was out of box Revell AH-1F Cobra with The Flying Bulls edition. The kit was easy to build with good look and good quality decal.

I do hope that you will enjoy with the kit. Thanks.

naioh2 – FC Saran S.

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