1/48 Hobby Boss FB-111

Gallery Article by Rod Bettencourt on Feb 5 2013



This is my Hobby Boss FB-111 SACVARK assigned to the 380th BW at Plattsburg AFB circa May 1978.  I liked the SAC sash but not the flashy tiger tail so I decided to build it as it was being prepared for Tiger meet that took place June 1978.  I envisioned one last Alert tour before receiving the paint on the tail. 


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I choose to do the Hobby Boss kit over the Academy due to the slates and flaps and full motors. I knew I wanted to open up a clam shell to show off one on the engines.  I added quite a bit of aftermarket bits and scratch built a lot to get it where I wanted.  I scratch built the engine bays, Astrotracker, sway braces and the front end of pylons.  This project tried every bit of my patience at times! 

Here is a list of AM products I added.

  1. Squadron canopy

  2. Verlinden Cockpit set

  3. G Factor FOD covers

  4. G Factor Exhaust Cans  

  5. Master Model pitot tube

  6. Oz Mods B-61 Bombs

  7. Resin Art Wheels

  8. AGM-69 SRAMís from B-1 kit

  9. Wing tanks from Monogram A-10

  10. Eduard exterior set

Really other than the G Factor products, all other products were designed for the Academy kit.  The canopy and the cockpit set really took some doing to get them to fit.

I used Don Loganís book along with squadrons walk around, Lock On and detail and scale books.  I would like to thank Jim Rotramel and his friend Barney for help with decals.

Rod Bettencourt

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Photos and text © by Rod Bettencourt