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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/32 Hunter Mk.58 in Swiss Air Force markings by Franck Oudin

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter Mk6 by Erwin Boone

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter by Thang Le  

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter by Bill Clark

1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA 9 by Dan Porterfield

1/48 Academy Hunter  by Jean Claude Janssens

1/32 Revell Hunter  by Pierre Chipotovsky

1/48 Academy Hunter  by Bill Clark

1/48 Academy Hunter F.9 by Lothar Wolf

1/48 Hunter, 1/48 Vampire and  1/48 Fouga-Magister by Bassam Attar

1/48 Academy Hunter  Lebanese Air Force Hawker Hunter T66C by Emad Tabsh

1/48 Aeroclub Hawker Hunter T8 by Darius Aibara

Pair of 1/48 Academy Hunters by Yusof Zakaria

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter by David Pepper

1/48 Academy Hawker by Bob Verhegghen

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter by Bill Clark

1/48 Academy Hunter F6 by  Darius Aibara

1/48 Aeroclub Hunter FGA9 by  Darius Aibara

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6 by  Darius Aibara

1/32 Revell of Germany Hunter  converted to a GA11  by Bill Clark

1/48 Aeroclub Multi-Media Kit "Hawker Hunter T8" by Bill Clark

1/72 Airfix Hunter F Mk.74 by Gareth Phua

1/72 Airfix Hawker Hunter F.56A  by John Moran

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter FGA 9 by Gianmaria Corona

1/72 Airfix Hunter FGA9 by Catherine Vickers

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6 by Graham Tarran

1/48 Academy Hunter FGA 6 converted to an IAF Mk 56 (FGA 9)   by Polly Singh

1/72 Airfix Hunter FGA 9 and  1/72 Italeri T-62  by Polly Singh

1/72 Airfix Hunter GA11 by John Green

1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter Mk 6 by Ted Taylor

1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter by Kapak Leung

1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9  by Shaun Bowman-Davies 

1/72 Airfix Hawker Hunter  by Murli Rajan

1/32 Revell Hunter FGA9 by Eric Fauré

1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter F.MK.6  by Arne Goethe 

1/144 Revell Hawker Hunter by Maxime Pidara

1/72 Revell Hunter GA11 conversion  by Catherine Vickers

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6  by Bill Clark

1/72 Revell Hunter F6  by Catherine Vickers

1/72 Matchbox Hawker Hunter T.7  by Tine Soetaert

1/72 Revell Hawker Hunters  by Brian Param a.k.a Mr B

1/72 Revell Hunter F MK.51  by DRAKENDK

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter FGA 9 by Andrés "Cítrico" Fonseca Wilder

1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter Mk 9  by Pete Morgan

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter T.75A  by Shah Jehan

1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter  by Dean Large

1/72 Chilean former and actual combat aircraft  by Rodrigo Rejas V.

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter Mk3  by Colin Whitehouse

1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter Mk. 71 by Oxiel Carrizo (Necsac)

1/48 Academy IAF Hunter 56  by Polly Singh

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